Champions of Magic

Journey Through The Impossible

*The Cast*


JADE took (San Francisco, CA) the male-dominated world of magic by storm in 1990, when she won first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Magic Competition.  More importantly, a panel of celebrity judges honored her with the organization’s coveted “Gold Medal of Magic” (a prize awarded only a handful of times in the com...



*Jason Andrews*

JASON ANDREWS (Las Vegas, NV) is a nationally acclaimed magician who performs in Las Vegas production shows, on television, works with Fortune 500 corporations on product launches and gala/ awards shows, and has toured the United States raising funds for community & non-profit theater groups…

Jason Andrews: From LAS VEGAS, NV

Jason Andrews: From LAS VEGAS, NV


PILOU (Paris, France) is a professional manipulator coming all the way from Paris, France. Since the August 5, 2006 magicians from all over the world know or have heard the name...

Pilou: From PARIS, FRANCE.

Pilou: From PARIS, FRANCE.


DAVID GERARD (Mountain View, CA) has been practicing his unique style of magic since he was 6 years old, specializing in mindreading, precognition, and psychological...

David Gerard: From MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA

David Gerard: From MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA


SYLVESTER THE JESTER (Hollywood, CA) is a world famous, comedy magician, inventor and artist whose surreal blend of Cartoonish visual comedy and innovative magic has garnered several prestigious awards and made him a frequent guest on TV shows around the world and…

Sylvester the Jester:  From LOS ANGELES, CA

Sylvester the Jester: From LOS ANGELES, CA


DAN SPERRY (Las Vegas, NV) is the most popular modern illusionist of his generation.  His fascination with the art of magic began when he was four years old and he performed his first paid show at age 11.  By the time he was 17 Anti-Conjuror™ Dan Sperry was already an internationally...

Dan Sperry:  From LAS VEGAS, NV

Dan Sperry: From LAS VEGAS, NV


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